GM 10SI 320 AMP 1 Wire Chrome Alternator

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If you want an alternator that was built with durability in mind, check out this GM 10SI alternator from March Performance.

  • High-quality, neoprene-sealed bearings increase the lifespan of this GM 10SI alternator.
  • Ultra low cut-in voltage regulators keep extra amps flowing in low idle situations.
  • High-tech rotors and stators manufactured with a higher copper and steel profile make this alternator reliable and effective for GM engines.

Are you looking to replace your poor-performing alternator with a high-tech alternative? The GM 10SI alternator from March Performance is your modern solution to any alternator problems you’re having with your GM vehicle. With a clean Chrome finish, this alternator also adds style to your ride.

Browse this alternator for GM and more American-made performance engine parts from March Performance today.

Product Details:

  • 6 and 12 mounting positions
  • 7-inch diameter
  • High 320 amp
  • One easy-to-connect wire

Alternator Includes:

  • Alternator Pulley
  • Pulley Cover
  • Alternator Fan

GM 10SI alternator with 6 & 12 mounting positions. 7" Diameter. High 320 amp, 1wire easy to connect, Billet Aluminum Chrome finish. Highest-quality neoprene-sealed bearings for long-life. Ultra low cut-in voltage regulators keep the extra amps flowing in low idle situations. Exclusively-developed high-tech rotors and stators, built with higher copper and steel content, deliver the greatest output with the best reliability.

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