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March Performance Tech Support can help you with any product related issue or information needed for purchasing. We give priority to phone calls and answer them as quickly as possible, please call us if you have an issue that needs to be resolved immediately. Before contacting us please have your part number, vehicle, and/or engine information ready, as it helps us respond as quickly as possible to your issue. If you are looking for Instructions, we provide the instructions on each product page, as well as provide an Instructions Database Page which can be accessed below.

Things we need to know before assessing a situation:

  • Where the Item was purchased from
  • Item Part Number or Model
  • Your Vehicle Make, Model and Year
  • Engine, Engine Accessories and Any Aftermarket Parts

Tips & Tricks

Checking Pulley Alignment


The belt needs to be removed to do this. You will need a straight edge and ruler to measure. First draw a diagram of circles, one representing each pulley. The straight edge will be kept on the face of the crank pulley for all measurements.  Remove the belt and place the straight edge across the crank pulley. Measure from the straight edge to the first peak on the crank pulley.  Write the measurement in the circle representing the crank . Keep the straight edge on the crank pulley and reposition it so you can measure to the first peak of each of the other pulleys with ribs. Write each measurement in its circle on your drawing.  Comparing the measurements will tell you if anything is misaligned and by how much.

Balancer Face to Water Pump Flange Measurement

The water pump, water pump housing and crank shaft dampener must be installed for this measurement. The crank and water pump pulleys must be removed. Place a straight edge on the water pump puley flange (surface that the pulley touches) and allow the straight edge to drop down in front of the crank shaft dampener. Measurement from the straight edge to the front face of the dampener (surface that the pulley touches).




Installation Videos

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